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School Swimming Scheme

MABC School Swimming Scheme is an intensive learn to swim program for all ages and year groups that develops water confidence and provides students with basic skills in water safety and survival. The program caters specifically for a diverse range of abilities. The Scheme is conducted over eight (8-10) days. Each daily lesson is 30 Minutes. 

Class ratios are in line with Austswim and Royal Lifesaving guidelines for school groups and we endeavour to keep them at or under the following numbers;

Beginner – Little to no swimming ability > 1:10
Intermediate – Confident Swimmer > 1:12
Advanced – Competent Swimmer > 1:15

 The program is based on the following criteria and is adjusted to cater for the levels of each groups

  • Entries and Exit Skills – Teaches children to determine the safest entry and exit method for a range of aquatic environments.
  • Floating and Sculling Skills – Enables children to gain mobility in the aquatic environment and are vital skills for developing swimming and survival skills.
  • Movement and Swimming Strokes – Develops efficient and effective Stroke technique and the ability to adapt the strokes to suit the conditions of the environment.
  • Survival and PFD Skills – Includes the teaching of survival techniques and strategies for a range of emergency situations, including the use of personal flotation devices.
  • Underwater Skills – Assists in building vital confidence in the water. Relaxation and good breath control are developed to increase swimming endurance.
  • Rescue Skills – Equips children with the required skills to perform a range of rescues depending on the emergency situation, the environment and prevailing conditions.
  • Water Safety Knowledge – Develops an understanding of a range of swimming and water safety issues that underpins safety in and around the water.

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School Lifeguard and Water Safety Challenge – High School Program


MABC Lifeguard and Water Safety Program is a circuit style program that can run over as little as 1 day per year group (max 200 students per day)

Student will run through a number of skills, drills and discussions based on survival skills, rescue skills, some swimming techniques, education on dangers in and around the water, First Aid and CPR. **First-Aid and CPR certificates can be provided at an extra fee.

The day will usually run from 10am – 2pm which will include a 40 minute lunch break.

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Aqua Classes

Aqua aerobics is an excellent form of non-weight bearing cardio and conditioning exercise, suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. Provides an all-round physical workout that are impact free designed to improve fitness, balance, agility, posture, flexibility and core strength. Gentle on your joints and great for toning up!

All classes are 60 minutes.

AquaAerobics – for all fitness levels, combines the use of varied water levels, equipment and fun!  This class provides excellent cardiovascular and muscle toning using water resistance.

AquaLite – for all fitness levels, a gentle form of exercise that is designed specifically for senior adults to promote flexibility and relaxation.

AquaDeep – for all fitness levels, a fun and enjoyable exercise class using buoyancy belts where there is no impact on the joints just the resistance of the water.

Holiday Intensive

Boost your child’s swimming skills with our Intensive Learn to Swim program. The continuous reinforcement of swimming assists the student to consolidate the skills learnt thus accelerating their development and progression. It’s like swimming a half a term in just one week!!!

We highly recommend intensives for both current students as well as new clients. For new students it can provide a much needed kick start to the learning the fundamentals whilst it’s an amazing opportunity for existing students to perfect a skill they have been working on during term to assist their progression to the next level.

Intensive programs are operated every school holidays Intensives are run over 5 consecutive days excluding public holidays.

2017 School Holiday Intensive Dates: 

Summer 2017 Bookings from  
Week 1 9th January – 13th January (5 day) 21st November ’16’
Week 2 16th January  – 20th January (5 day) 21st November ’16’
Week 3 23rd January – 27th January (4 day) 21st November ’16’
Autumn 2017 Bookings from
Week 1 10th April – 13th April (4 day) 27th February ’17’
Week 2 18th April -21st April (4 day) 27th February ’17’
Winter 2017 Bookings from 
Week 1 3rd July – 7th July (5 day) 29th May ’17’
Week 2 10th July – 14th July (5 day) 29th May ’17’
Spring 2017 Bookings from
Week 1 25th September – 29th September (5 day) 7th August ’17’
Week 2 3rd October – 6th October (4 day) 7th August ’17’

Lap Swimming

Swim in a safe, stimulating environment and have fun getting fit.  Lap lanes are available throughout the Centre’s operational hours in both the 50 metre & 25 metre outdoor Pools and indoor 25 metre pool.

Lap Lane Etiquette

To ensure your lap swimming session is an enjoyable one, the following lap lane etiquette guidelines have been developed and will be monitored at the Centre.

  • Select a lane based on your ability and stroke(s) you intend to swim during your visit. Note that for safety reasons, some lanes indicate breaststroke is not permitted.
  • While swimming, keep to the left of the lane.
  • In order to pass a swimmer in front, swim past on the right, above the lane line on the bottom of the pool.
  • If you have to move across any lanes, check both directions before moving. When waiting at the end of the pool, move across towards the corners of the lane to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps.

Walk-Run lanes will be provided whenever possible. If there are no designated Walk-Run lanes, please ask a Pool Lifeguards for the best location for a Walk-Run session.

During peak times (Monday – Friday 3.30pm- 7pm & Saturdays 7am – 1.30pm) the lap lanes can be crowded at times. Where possible swim during off-peak times and plan your training sessions around the event calendar.

The following times are provided as a guide for lane designations:

  • Slow Lane: Laps slower than 60 seconds
  • Medium Lane: Laps slower than 45 seconds
  • Medium Fast Lane: Laps slower than 40 seconds
  • Fast Lane: Laps faster than 40 seconds

These are a guide only and the pool lifeguards will monitor them throughout the day.

Pool Inflatable

Our Pool Inflatable will be a regular at the Aquatic Centre every school Holidays at the end of Term 3 and Term 4.

Before you can use the pool inflatable you must complete a 25M swim test to receive your wristband. Safety rules are in place to make sure everyone has fun and is safe:

  • No wristband – no ride
  • Floatation aids and goggles are not permitted
  • Maximum height – 1.8m
  • Follow lifeguard directions at all times


The Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Crèche provides high quality care staffed by professional and friendly attendants. We are here to assist in making your health and fitness as relaxing and convenient as possible. Your children will be in a safe and fun environment while you enjoy some of our facilities.

Our Crèche is equipped with toys and play equipment, its own bathrooms, and fully air-conditioned. Our Crèche welcomes children from 8 weeks to 5 years of age. Children can stay for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. We have a no food policy in our Crèche, however you can provide a labelled drink bottle for your child.

In such instances if your child is unwell or your child needs a nappy change, you may be called away from your activity if your child becomes upset and cannot be consoled by our Crèche staff.

Please remember you must remain within the centre at all times while your child is in our care.

Monday 9:00am 1:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am 1:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am 1:00pm
Thursday 9:00am 1:00pm
Friday 9:00am 1:00pm

Closed on weekends and public holidays