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Our Program

The Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Swim School operates lessons Monday through Saturday, running a continuous program. Lessons are of 30 minute duration. Lessons will run as normal throughout school holidays unless otherwise notified.

MABC Swim School are proudly partnered with Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program which provides a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative that seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activities. Most importantly we ensure that the essential components of personal survival and water safety skills are provided, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming technique.

Our Levels

level.1 A water familiarisation program with 3 age based levels for parents and their children aged 6 to 36 months. Providing the perfect introduction to water safety and learn to swim aspects of the program. Activities include submerging, floating, jumping, turning and holding, water movement and water play to name a few.
Lesson Times – Weekday mornings between 8.30am – 12pm | Saturdays between 7am – 1pm.
level.2 A program with 5 levels that builds water confidence for preschool aged children between the ages of 3-5 years. Focusing on water safety skills including climbing out of the pool, Resurfacing and floating, paddling and working towards development of freestyle and backstroke.

Lesson Times – Weekdays between 9am – 12pm & 3.30pm – 7pm | Saturdays between 7am – 1pm.

level.3 A swimming and water safety program with 7 levels for school aged children between the ages of 5+ years. Providing a balance of survival skills, development and correction of strokes teaching participants to increase their swimming strength and confidence.

Lesson Times – Weekdays between 7am – 8.30am & 3.30pm – 7pm | Saturdays from 7am

For further information please see our FAQsContact our friendly staff or to view our prices CLICK HERE.


Mini Squad – 30 mins | $18.00 per session debited fortnightly.
This is the entry level of our Squad Program, suits to swimmers that have completed our LTS program or those who are able to swim 100 metres freestyle, 100 metres backstroke and 50 breaststroke with correct technique, have an understanding of butterfly and be able to perform dolphin kick and a somersault in the water as well as being able to perform basic dive. The sessions  focus on development of all 4 strokes, introduction of basic training techniques, learning how to dive from the blocks, correct turns and use of the pace clock. Certain swimming times and number of sessions are to be met to be in this squad. Please click HERE to enquire about this squad


Competitive Squads Program Coming Soon! squad levels will operate from September, competition side will commence soon! 


  • 1 session per week:   $35.00 per fortnight   | Session = $17.50
  • 2 sessions per week: $52.60 per fortnight   | Session = $13.15
  • 3 sessions per week: $60.00 per fortnight  | Session = $10.00
  • 4 sessions per week: $72.40 per fortnight   | Session = $9.05
  • Unlimited sessions per week: Fortnightly Debit: $80.00   | See table below for break down;

# sessions attended | per session cost

5 6 7


$8.00 $6.60 $5.70



Fees are debited fortnightly in advance from a selected bank account and you are entitled to 4 weeks suspension per calendar year. You will be charged just $5 per week rather than your normal fee. 2 weeks written notice is required to be eligible for suspension. This can all be submitted via the email . if you wish to decrease # of sessions or cease squads you will be required to give 30 days’ written notice. This can all be submitted via email.


Junior Squads | 60 minute

Once swimmers complete the Mini Squad program and are able to swim 200 metres freestyle and backstroke, 100 metres breaststroke with correct technique and turns and 25-50 metres butterfly with the correct timing, they will be eligible to move to the Junior Squad. The main focus of the Junior Squad is development of all 4 strokes, learning the basics in racing techniques and training, building endurance and fitness.

Nippers Squad – Freestyle endurance focus but not limited to just the one stroke, swimmers will be challenged with a 60 minute endurance and technique set also may including backstroke, breaststroke and survival strokes.

Assessments: Monday -Thursday at 5.15pm

Session commences Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00 AM Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior
4:00 PM Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior



Bronze Squads | 60 minute

This is the entry level of the competitive squads program. Sessions have higher intensity and volume and focus on development of racing techniques and introduction to different training zones. It is suggested swimmers undertake a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week.

Assessments: Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 5.15pm


Session commences Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00 AM Bronze Bronze
5:00 PM Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze




Gold | 120 Minutes    &      Silver | 90 minute

This is the next levels in our competitive squad program and caters for those who wish to swim competitively. The intensity and volume of training sessions is high and focus on building a strong aerobic endurance base as well as improving stroke and racing technique.

Assessments: Monday – Thursday at 5.15pm


Session commences Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30 AM Silver & Gold Silver & Gold Silver & Gold
5:00 PM Silver & Gold Silver & Gold Silver & Gold Silver & Gold



Master Squads | 60 minute

These squads focus on fitness, Endurance, Technique, Technique, Technique! Even though we would recommend a 2-3 session per week there is no minimum training sessions required at this squad.

Casual Session are also available for purchase: $15.00 per session  |  10 visits $140 (valid for 12 months from the date of purchase)


Session commences Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00 AM Master Master
6:00 PM Master Master
7:00 PM Master Master

ADULT SWIM PROGRAM – Commencing 10th of October

It is never too late to learn! All ages and all levels. The MABC Swim School conducts friendly and relaxed classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Learn to swim classes feature the development of water confidence, safety skills and basic strokes. Intermediate and advanced classes include stroke correction, breathing techniques and improved fitness

Duration: 30-45 minute class depending on numbers in the class

Cost: $20 per lesson   |   $180 for 10 visit pass – valid for 12 months from date of purchase

This class is designed for swimmers who may have a fear of the water and are not confident to submerge. The aim is to develop water confidence to teach basic swimming skills. Up to 6 participants per class.

The aim of the class is for students to further develop their swimming strokes and start to establish knowledge on breathing techniques and arm strokes. Up to 7 participants per class.

The aim of the class is for swimmers to develop stroke technique and distance with all swimming strokes. Up to 8 participants per class.

Time Table commencing Monday 16th January 2017

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7.30am  Correction  Development
12.00pm Beginner
6.30pm Beginners  Beginner
7.00pm Development Correction

More Sessions Coming Soon!

SWIM STARS PROGRAM – Commencing 2017

The Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Swim Stars program is for people with special needs and runs on weekdays between 12pm and 3pm at request and Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 1.30pm and 5pm. Other times may be available upon request outside of regular swim school times. Classes are designed to suit individual needs. Lessons are for any level, age or disability.

Swimming can be fantastic for children with special needs for several reasons including greater muscle strength and physical endurance, increased flexibility, more self-control, and safety. Children with special needs can potentially be over-confident around water as they can lack an understanding of the dangers present in water environments. Swimming lessons can provide important skills to help with minimising these dangers. Swimming is a great leveller and can help children with special needs have fun in a non-competitive environment.

Lesson’s run during school terms with a mid-term education session for the parents and safety week for the students and an end of term small get together and certificate presentation.

Choose from either group lessons or private lessons that run over a school term. Group lessons are maximum of 3 students. Group lessons which are run with a maximum of 3-5 children, dependent on requirements

 Food For Thought: For the development of social skills it is good to have group lessons, we aim to have a maximum of 3 children in each class with an Austswim qualified instructor, we try to group the students with similar disabilities it’s a great way for student to participate in a lesson with friends or make new ones.


Boost your child’s swimming skills with our Intensive Learn to Swim program. The continuous reinforcement of swimming assists the student to consolidate the skills learnt thus accelerating their development and progression. It’s like swimming a half a term in just one week!!!

We highly recommend intensives for both current students as well as new clients. For new students it can provide a much needed kick start to the learning the fundamentals whilst it’s an amazing opportunity for existing students to perfect a skill they have been working on during term to assist their progression to the next level.

Intensive programs are operated every school holidays Intensives are run over 5 consecutive days excluding public holidays.

Please email us for all enquiries and bookings

2017 School Holiday Intensive Dates: 

Summer 2017 Bookings from  
Week 1 9th January – 15th January (5 day) 28th November ’16’
Week 2 16th January  – 20th January (5 day) 28th November ’16’
Week 3 23rd January – 25th January (3 day) 28th November ’16’
Autumn 2017 Bookings from
Week 1 10th April – 13th April (4 day) 27th February ’17’
Week 2 18th April -21st April (4 day) 27th February ’17’
Winter 2017 Bookings from 
Week 1 3rd July – 7th July (5 day) 29th May ’17’
Week 2 10th July – 14th July (5 day) 29th May ’17’
Spring 2017 Bookings from
Week 1 25th September – 29th September (5 day) 7th August ’17’
Week 2 3rd October – 6th October (4 day) 7th August ’17’

Unable To Make A Lesson?

We understand things can happen last minute, in this circumstance you can use on of the 6 notifications your receive per calendar year. you will need to notify us at least 30 minutes prior to your lesson commencing to be eligible for a family Swim/Practice Pass, the pass is valid for a 3 month period and entitles either 1 adult and 3 children or 2 adults and 3 children entry to the centre. Once you have cancelled, please come into reception redeem your pass on your next visit.

If you are not able to attend your regular class due to a family holiday or need to take a small break, please take advantage of the 4 suspension weeks offered to you each year, please provide 14 days’ notice to suspend your lesson your lesson will be charged at $5 rather than the full price. If your notification is less then 14 days notice it will be classes as a notification and you will receive passes for your absences.


  • Child/rens Names
  • First Missed Lesson on:
  • Returning to Lessons on:
  • Reason
  • Please make the subject title for your email either SUSPENSION or NOTIFICATION


If your circumstances change during the term and you need to swap class times or put your lessons on hold, please speak to reception. We love to help – just let us know.