Our Program – Swim & Survive

Our Program

The Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Swim School operates lessons Monday through Saturday, running a continuous program. Lessons are of 30 minute duration. Lessons will run as normal throughout school holidays unless otherwise notified.

MABC Swim School are proudly partnered with Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program which provides a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative that seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activities. Most importantly we ensure that the essential components of personal survival and water safety skills are provided, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming technique.

Our Levels

level.1 A water familiarisation program with 3 age based levels for parents and their children aged 6 to 36 months. Providing the perfect introduction to water safety and learn to swim aspects of the program. Activities include submerging, floating, jumping, turning and holding, water movement and water play to name a few.
Lesson Times – Weekday mornings between 8.30am – 12pm | Saturdays from 7.30am
level.2 A program with 5 levels that builds water confidence for preschool aged children between the ages of 3-5 years. Focusing on water safety skills including climbing out of the pool, Resurfacing and floating, paddling and working towards development of freestyle and backstroke.

Lesson Times – Weekdays between 9am – 12pm & 3.30pm – 7pm | Saturdays from 7.30am

level.3 A swimming and water safety program with 7 levels for school aged children between the ages of 5+ years. Providing a balance of survival skills, development and correction of strokes teaching participants to increase their swimming strength and confidence.

Lesson Times – Weekdays between  3.30pm – 7pm | Saturdays from 7.30am

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