School Holiday Intensives


Boost your child’s swimming skills with our Intensive Learn to Swim program. The continuous reinforcement of swimming assists the student to consolidate the skills learnt thus accelerating their development and progression. It’s like swimming a half a term in just one week!!!

We highly recommend intensives for both current students as well as new clients. For new students it can provide a much needed kick start to the learning the fundamentals whilst it’s an amazing opportunity for existing students to perfect a skill they have been working on during term to assist their progression to the next level.

Intensive programs are operated every school holidays. Intensives are run over 4-5 consecutive days excluding public holidays.

**Please be aware that our normal swimming program runs throughout the school holidays; if you are enrolled into a regular lesson you will still come as normal. If you are unable to attend your regular lessons you can utilise one of the missed lessons options. The only exception to this is if your normal class is at the exact same time as your intensive lesson. 

5 Day Program per student – $92.50

4 Day Program per student – $74

2017 School Holiday Intensive Dates: 

Summer 2018 Bookings from  
Week 1 8th January – 12th January (5 day) 28th November ’17’
Week 2 16th January  – 20th January (5 day) 28th November ’17’
Week 3 22nd January – 25th January (4 day) 28th November ’17’
Autumn 2018 Bookings from
Week 1 16th April – 20th April (5 day) 27th February ’18’
Week 2 NA
Winter 2018 Bookings from 
Week 1 9th July – 13th July (5 day) 4th June ’18’
Week 2 16th July – 20th July (5 day) 4th June ’18’
Spring 2018 Bookings from
Week 1 2nd October – 5th October (4 day) 7th August ’18’
Week 2 8th October – 12th October (5 day) 7th August ’18’